• We supply only the highest quality culinary produce

    We supply only the highest quality culinary produce

  • Buy delicious food and we will deliver straight to your door

    Buy delicious food and we will deliver straight to your door

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Importers and purveyors in the finest Spanish hams and Deli produce
Jamones Exquisitos
  07880 793008

Spanish hams
Ranging from Serrano, through to Iberian Pata Negra (the famous black hoofed Iberian pig), corn fed and true acorn fed. No matter what your ...view details
Chorizo, Lomo and Salchichon
Carefully selected Spanish cured sausages, using only the finest sources of supply.view details
Artisan cheeses
All prepared the Artisan way - by hand using traditional skilled craftsmanship. These hard and soft mild cheeses make the perfect accompani...view details
Olives and olive oil
True Artisan prepared olives and olive oil, fantastic for salads, cooking, and dressings. The highest quality olives, to be eaten with any r...view details
Tinned seafood and Pates
A growing selection of exclusive tinned seafood and specialist pate'sview details
Jamoneros and speciality knives
For every ham lover, you will need a Jamoneros (ham stand). You cannot cut or store your opened precious ham without one of these. Also, sp...view details

Welcome to Jamones Exquisitos

Please enjoy our much sought after and desirable range of traditional speciality cured Spanish hams and deli produce.

Importers and purveyors of only the finest true acorn fed, reared and tradtionally cured Iberian Spanish Hams (Jamones). Exclusively from only the best known regions in Spain (Huelva, Sierra Nevada, and Salamanca).
We provide various grades of only the best selected Hams, Chorizo's and all other of the finest Spanish cured sausages.

Carefully selected Artisan cheeses (prepared in the traditional way by hand), olives and olive oil (organically grown and traditaionally prepared).

All available for both retail and wholesale purchase.

We are sure you will enjoy our site, and look forward to supplying your Spanish culinary delights.