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Jamones Exquisitos
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Weight: 2 KG

For bulk orders or wholesale discount, please call us on 07880 793008

Product Description

Traditionally hand prepared and pressed Spanish extra virgin olive oil
with a clear crisp woody taste and the slightly green/brown hue recognised in high quality Spanish olive oil.

With a far more distinctive and pleasurable taste than Italian or Greek olive oil, once tried you will not go back!

20% of olives consists of pure oil. The olive oil of the low Aragón region is known by having a flavour more modest than Andalusian olive oil, and because of that it's great for cooking; it doesnt take over the flavour.
In our case this oil is made by 77 per cent of Empeltre olives, 17 per cent of Arbequina olives and 11 per cent of the Caspe olives to give its unique and amazing taste.
It has been awarded with several prizes in Aragon, Spain.

2 Litre bottles. Prices shown above are per litre.

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