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Weight: 7.5 KG

For bulk orders or wholesale discount, please call us on 07880 793008

Product Description

 A truly delicious and certified large purely acorn fed Spanish berian ham from Jabugo.

Weighing in at over 7kg's, this is not only one of the elite hams, but also a heavy weight, with plenty of the most succulent and delicous rich and melt in the mouth tasty Acorn fed Iberian ham "Jamon Iberico de Bellota," so to be sure nobody will miss out!!! 

Complete with certificate of authenticity, this ham is not only fantastic value for money, it has not had any corners cut on its rearing, diet and curing process, so giving only the best most tasty and succulent jamon experience possible.
Reared in the Huelva, Jabugo (south west Spain) famous for the best Iberian pigs. In oak filled meadows free range, and feeding on up to 3 kilo's of acorns so to achieve their required weight.
Then lovingly watch and turned in their curing process DAILY by their expert 'Ham-masters' for minimally 3 years in the age old Spanish tradition which cannot be replicated anywhere in the world today (and trust me, many have tried and failed!)

This fantastic Jamon Iberico de Belotta cannot be missed!

We simply cannot rear, cure and export these hams into England quick enough to meet the ever increasing popular demand for these beauties, so don't miss out, order yours now, just simply Add-To-Cart!!!

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